127th LBM Expo

December 8-9, 2021
Rhode Island Convention Center, Providence


127th LBM Expo Postponed
to December 2021

The NRLA regrets to inform you that the LBM Expo will not be held in person this year. In light of recent developments regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the Rhode Island Convention Center will not be available for any events for the remainder of the year. A digital event will be replacing the live event. More information regarding the digital event will follow. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

About LBM Expo

LBM Expo is the lumber and building materials industry’s largest regional tradeshow, brought to you by the Northeastern Retail Lumber Association (NRLA), established in 1894.

The LBM Expo is in its 127th consecutive year of bringing retailers, dealers, suppliers, manufacturers, contractors, students, and other LBM industry experts the opportunity to experience the future with hands-on demos and sneak peeks at the technology that will soon be disrupting the industry.


December 9

Register for LBM Expo badges or use the Scan & Go for self check-in.

Kick-off the 127th LBM Expo with this educational session, provided at no extra charge! Read more about LBM Launch and its speaker Steve Cucchiaro in the “Speaker” section below.

Experience the future at the 127th LBM Expo by exploring hundreds of exhibits and getting hands-on, interactive experience with in-booth demos and educational demo zones. Stop by the Featured Products Showcase, open during show floor hours, to see the latest products the LBM industry has to offer! Or, take a stroll through our new Futuristic Area to get your hands on the technology soon to be disrupting the industry.

Back by popular demand are our demo zones. Read more about the demo zone speakers in the “Speakers” section below. Then, scroll down further to check out the schedule and topics in the “Demo Zone Schedule” section.

Continue to network, but over a free plate of lunch with everyone at LBM Expo – attendees and exhibitors!

See what the younger generation of LBM experts has in store for the future, hear about their achievements over the past year, and congratulate the old officers while watching the installation of the new.

*Open to anyone.

Celebrate the new officers and the exciting year ahead with NYLE.

*Open to anyone.

December 10

Register for LBM Expo badges or use the Scan & Go for self check-in.

Experience the future at the 127th LBM Expo one last time by continuing to explore hundreds of exhibits and receive hands-on, interactive experience with in-booth demos and educational demo zones. Don’t forget to stop by the Featured Products Showcase or Futuristic Area, open during show floor hours, to see the latest LBM products!

Missed this unique educational opportunity on Wednesday? No worries! The demo zones are continuing to run all day. Read the “Speaker” and “Demo Zone Schedule” sections below for more information.

Continue to network, but over a free plate of lunch with everyone at LBM Expo – attendees and exhibitors!

Students and veterans get to explore the LBM Expo show floor for free by attending this session that demonstrates the opportunities the LBM industry has for them. After the panel, students and veterans have the opportunity to interact with LBM employers, exchanging their resumes in return for business cards and potential job opportunities.

Attend the NRLA’s annual business meeting at the RICC to see the board discuss old and new business while paving way for its new officers.

Then, celebrate the NRLA’s new Chair, Nick Kuiken of Kuiken Brothers Co. Inc., at The Dorrance!

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Daina Arts

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Steve Cucchiaro
3EDGE Asset Management
(LBM Launch)

In his over 35 years of studying the global capital markets and managing investment portfolios, Steve has become known for his use of proprietary investment research methods, including the application of concepts from system dynamics, complexity economics, artificial intelligence, and multi-player game theory to analyze the global capital markets. He was the founder and served as President and Chief Investment Officer of Windward Investment Management Inc., which was acquired by Charles Schwab in November 2010. Assets managed under Steve’s tenure grew from less than $75 million to nearly $20 billion. He has appeared on Bloomberg TV and Radio, CNBC, Consuelo Mack’s WealthTrack, and the Nightly Business Report, and has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, The Financial Times, Forbes, and BusinessWeek. Steve has an SB in Mathematics from M.I.T. and an MBA in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Gates Foundation’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) and is a member of the MIT Sloan Finance Group Advisory Board.

Gary Striegler
Craftsman Builders Inc.
(Demo Zone 1)

Gary Striegler is the president of Craftsman Builders Inc. He has been involved in the custom home building and remodeling business for over 40 years. Gary is frequently published in Fine Homebuilding Magazine and is a contributing editor for the Journal of Light Construction. Gary has made presentations at The JLC Live Show, Kitchen and Bath Show, International Builders Show, and the IWF Show. Each summer Gary teaches at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. He also enjoys volunteering for Mercy International in Honduras.

Myron Ferguson
Ferguson Drywall Innov. Inc.
(Demo Zone 2)

Myron is a fourth generation NYS Building Contractor with over 30 years’ experience as a drywall contractor specializing in residential homes. He is the author of the bestselling book Drywall; Professional Techniques for Great Results. Myron has completed his BPI certification for Building Analyst and Building Envelope. For the past 10 years, Myron has been very active as a building performance contractor working on and consulting on the thermal boundary. He travels the country teaching drywall and related topics at trade shows, lumberyards, tech schools, and for construction companies. He is a regular contributor to Fine Homebuilding, Journal of Light Construction, Pro Construction Guide, and Walls and Ceilings.

Tony Blue
Squared Away Contracting
(Demo Zone 3)

Instead of internships, Tony grew up roofing during school breaks. After college he started and grew a roofing business. He placed an emphasis on training his in-house crew to pay better attention to the details. He has since sold that company to those same lead installers and is focused on remodeling work. He still does copper work, flat roofs, and the occasional shingle job. Tony enjoys sharing tips he has picked up along the way.

The Modern Craftsman

The Modern Craftsman

Nick, John, and Tyler have spent much of their adult lives involved with the trades, are highly motivated individuals who are fueled by passion, have families, and each possess a relentless desire to grow and learn. For a few years they found themselves perpetually discussing the difficulties of running a business, the struggle to maintain a balance between family and a career, the challenges associated with navigating the construction industry, and the burdens that so often plague small business owners. As they each progressed in their separate careers, they chose to market themselves heavily through social media.

Tyler Grace
Craftsman Builders Inc.

Tyler Grace, owner of TRG Home Concepts in Medford, NJ, is an interior remodeling contractor focusing primarily on kitchens, bathrooms, and finish carpentry. His mission is to deliver a quality product to his clients while creating and maintaining value through efficiency and judicious project coordination.

Nick Schiffer
Ferguson Drywall Innov. Inc.

Nick Schiffer is the owner of NS Builders in Boston, MA, a team of young craftsmen who put thoughtful craftsmanship and design into every project. Nick started his business in the back of his parent’s minivan when he built his art teacher a storage shed. Today, he runs a successful high-end residential remodeling business. He constantly challenges himself and his team, making nothing standard about their approach.

John Hourihan

Pulling ideas, scrambling thoughts and concepts from a client’s head, and turning them into reality drives John Hourihan’s passion for building. He began as a laborer as soon as he had a license and hit the ground running, learning the techniques that his foremen and owners showed him. John considers himself a sponge looking for more knowledge to absorb. Most of his experience is in residential construction, having renovated or built many kitchens and baths. John says he can remember every client and their happiness when what they imagined came to fruition through his work.

Demo Zone Schedule

December 9

10:15-10:45 AM…… Closet Envy: Storage Solutions and Closets Which Exceed Clients’ Expectations

Exceeding your client’s expectations with amazing closets and built in storage is a great way to build a business and reputation. I will give guidelines for both walk-in and reach-in closets and show you how to build closets with adjustable rods and shelves. I will also show you how to add simple doors and drawers to transform basic shelf units. Just about every home has a space that can be turned into prime storage with just a little extra work and imagination.

11:30 AM-12 PM…… Building in the” Fast” Lane: How to Avoid Structural Mistakes

Keeping a project moving means happy clients and greater profit, but the trick is to get the details right while you are making great progress. Missing just one thing can lead to a failed inspection, costly structural repair, or an embarrassing call back. This session will show you how to avoid structural mistakes and costly drywall patches, identify common mistakes made by the mechanical trades, and how to get the little things right that make a big difference in how your job looks at the end.

1:45-2:15 PM………… Building Mantels That Build A Solid Business

In this session, you will be given an overview of the conditions that affect mantel design and how to build a code compliant mantel. Most of the time will be spent assembling a mantel from prebuilt components. This will show how a mantel goes together step by step, and how it is mounted to the wall. Several moldings and materials from millwork suppliers will be showcased.

3:30-4 PM…………….. Stand Out Staircases: Design, Trim and Everything In-Between

A well-planned and built staircase makes a strong statement about the quality and craftsmanship of a home. Sloppy work will turn off clients every time and might even keep you from getting a certificate of occupancy. I will cover basic code requirements and demonstrate how to use a story pole for stairway layout. I will also share tips for setting stair treads and handrail instillation. We will use a small three tread stair mockup for the presentation.

11:15-11:45 AM…… Hanging Drywall—To Help Create a Perfect and Lasting Finished Drywall Job

Myron will fit in as many tips and tricks as possible for this session, from discussing what is the best type of drywall to demonstrating its use in every situation. He will also discuss measuring for materials, lifting and holding drywall, fastening, and cutting.

1:30-2 PM……………. The Interior Air Barrier: Inside the Walls, Airtight Drywall, and Ceiling Below the Vented Attic

A thorough exterior air barrier may not be enough to pass the newest energy code. Overlooking the simplest things can make the difference. In this session, Myron will discuss inside the walls, airtight drywall, and the ceiling below the vented attic.

3-3:30 PM……………. Taping Drywall: Tapes, Compounds, Beads and Tools

It’s as simple as it sounds; Myron will discuss tapes, compounds, beads, and tools. If you think nothing has changed, you must see this session.

10:30-11 AM………. Vented Nail Base, Install

Looking for a high-performance roof system? Tony will detail a bomb proof roof assembly with each demonstration, building upon the previous one. Starting with the sheathing; reduce ice dams and increase the life of your roof system with a vented roof assembly. You can purchase preassembled vented roof sheathing panels.

12:15-12:30 PM…… Underlayment, High Temp Ice and Water

Did you know you shouldn’t put just any underlayment under that metal roof? Part 2 of that bomb proof roof is a good ice and water shield. Install a high temperature rated ice and water shield. Tony will show some tips and tricks for a good “dry in” of your roof.

2:30-3 PM………….. Metal Roofing, Standing Seam

Cap off that bomb proof roof with some standing seam. Learn some of the basics and important considerations when choosing a standing seam roof. Also learn why this is a very good choice.

4-5 PM………………. NYLE Annual Meeting

See what the younger generation of LBM experts has in store for the future, hear about their achievements over the past year, and congratulate the old officers while watching the installation of the new. *Open to anyone.

December 10

10:15-10:45 AM….. Smooth Operators: Trouble Free Pocket Doors and Barn Style Doors

Pocket doors and Barn style doors free up floor space in bathrooms, hallways, utility rooms, furniture walls, and closets. However, pocket doors can interfere with electrical and plumbing layout, provide limited privacy, increase material and labor costs, and installation can be tricky. Gary and Barrett will cover the installation process of both pocket doors and barn style doors, exploring framing requirements, types of frames, installation basics, trimming out the door, and best practices for troubleshooting. The session will also cover two options for Barn style doors, decorative hardware and concealed hardware, as well as the pros and cons of Barn style doors and the planning and installation of these doors.

11:45 AM-12:15 PM.Extreme Makeover Door Addition

Every home has doors that deserve special attention. The front, office, dining room, or master bedroom doors are all places where a little extra work can pay off. Especially with today’s tall ceilings options like pilasters, pediments, backbands, and transoms can all make a big impression without breaking the bank. I will demonstrate how to take a door from standard to extraordinary with stock moldings.

1:15-1:45 PM……….. Fundamentals of Door Installation

It would be easy to argue that doors are the most important part of a home. They provide privacy and security, and exterior doors keep out the elements. A contractor can build his reputation on trouble free doors or lose profits and business with shoddy instillations. I will start by sharing the information required to order doors including a few pitfalls to avoid. I will install an interior and exterior door, covering flashing details for the exterior door. Finally, I will cover troubleshooting and solving common call backs.

2:45-3:15 PM……….. Using Millwork to Build A Brand

In this presentation, I will share my favorite tricks, some of the guidelines I follow when selecting millwork, and some of the mistakes to avoid. I will also cover the basics of creating a take-off to order molding, including what waste factor to include. I will work with mockups to show creative trim details like mitered returns, back band options, and upgrade details for window aprons and sills.

3:45-4:15 PM……….. Classic Trim Details from Scratch

Mantels, wainscot, newel posts, columns, and paneled jambs are all traditional trim elements that can transform the look of any room. In this session, I will share the methods I have used for the last 40 years to create award- winning interiors. The secret is frame and panel construction; Build a frame, add a flat panel, then fit moldings inside the frame. By using different moldings, the options are almost unlimited. We will demonstrate the versatility of this technique by building four different wainscot samples.

10:30-11 AM…… Insulating Done Right: Options, Concerns, and Best Practices

You do not have to fill the house with closed cell foam. Let’s discuss all the options, concerns, and best practices.

12:15-12:45 PM.. Drywall: Repairs and Resurfacing

Even the smallest interior building project ends up creating drywall repairs and sometimes resurfacing. Learn how easy this can be to do.

1:30-2 PM……….. Air sealing—Ventilation—Air and Vapor

Learn the difference between the three, what works best, and why.

3:15-3:45 PM…… Decorating Drywall: Why Level 5, Priming and Painting, and Colored Plaster

Customers’ expectations for any construction work are very high. Drywall work is no different. See how you turn a quality taping job into a quality finish painted job.

9:30-10 AM…….. Vented Nail Base, Fascia/Trim Options

This session will cover how to detail the vented nail base system (covered on Wednesday December 9th) at the gable and eave to achieve the proper air flow.

11-11:30 AM……. Underlayment, Synthetic Underlayment

Consideration and installation techniques for a long lasting “dry in” while you are waiting on your metal roofing.

12:30-1 PM……… Metal Roofing, Trim Details

Standing seam is all about the details. Here you will learn some ways to simplify those valleys and wall flashings and get it right.

2-2:30 PM………… Metal Roofing, Standing Seam 

Cap off that bomb proof roof with some standing seam. Learn some of the basics and important considerations when choosing a standing seam roof. Also learn why this is a very good choice. Time will be spent during this session covering some additional information on the roof everybody wants.

4:15-4:45 PM……. Modern Craftsman- Building Your Brand & Business Through Social Media

Hotel Rooms

Hilton Providence

$ 187*
  • 21 Atwells Avenue,
    Providence, R.I. 02903

Marriott Courtyard

$ 181*
  • 32 Exchange Terrace,
    Providence, R.I. 02903

Omni Providence Hotel

$ 176*
  • 1 West Exchange Street,
    Providence, R.I. 02903

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127th LBM Expo

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