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Exterior Insulation and Rainscreens Done Right

Why keeping the sheathing warm and dry on a house is not just preferred – it’s necessary.

The key to a house’s durability is keeping it dry and temperature controlled.  It’s like putting a windbreaker over a wool sweater – it makes sense.  While this is fairly easy to achieve on the inside with heat and AC, what about on the outside?  In this session we will discuss the components necessary to achieve this goal. You can help builders understand why it’s worth it (more referrals, fewer callbacks) and which products will be work best for them.

  • Types of rigid insulation and how to install them
  • Rainscreen: reasons, approaches and challenges
  • Window and door installation is more complicated

Exterior Insulation and Rainscreens Done Right at LBM Expo

Thursday, February 7, 2019
12:30 PM – 1:00 PM
Demo Zone #1

About LBM Expo Demo Zone #1: High-Performance Homes

If you don’t understand best practices, you can’t help your customers choose the right products.

High-performance homes are durable, efficient, comfortable and healthy. Building them requires the careful assembly of a dizzying number of products. Each of those products is a very deliberate choice made at the lumberyard. In the end, good building means good choices, both for the yard and for their customers. Join us for a series of hands-on demos and lively discussions that will help you guide your builders to best practices and drive margins for both of you.