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Roofing Best Practices 201

If good materials are installed wrong, everybody loses.

Roofing is hard work. It’s dangerous. And it’s critical. Nobody wants a leak. But with the variety of underlayments, shingles and flashings available, builders need your help making the right choices and understanding the critical details.

  • Choosing underlayments and installing them right
  • Proper drip-edge installation
  • Common flashing mistakes
  • Ridge vents and flashing boots
  • Common shingling mistakes

Roofing Best Practices 201 at LBM Expo

Thursday, February 7, 2019
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Demo Zone #1

About LBM Expo Demo Zone #1: High-Performance Homes

If you don’t understand best practices, you can’t help your customers choose the right products.

High-performance homes are durable, efficient, comfortable and healthy. Building them requires the careful assembly of a dizzying number of products. Each of those products is a very deliberate choice made at the lumberyard. In the end, good building means good choices, both for the yard and for their customers. Join us for a series of hands-on demos and lively discussions that will help you guide your builders to best practices and drive margins for both of you.