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The Perfect Wall 201

Experts agree on the importance of super-insulated walls airtight, but not on how to build them.

Experts agree on the importance of super-insulated walls, but not on how to build them.  It’s not a simple wall anymore, it’s one component in a whole-house system.  Is a perfect wall achievable? Before answering the question, we need to understand everything that goes into creating it. This session will go over all the key questions that need to be answered in order to create the concept and be able to advise our builder customers.  The perfect wall exists, we promise, and in the end we will show you it’s not a myth.

  • Weather barrier, air barrier or vapor barrier?
  • Where’s the dew point and why should anyone care?
  • What type of insulation should be used and where – better yet – why?
  • Most importantly how do we convince our builders that this investment is worth it
  • How do you install a window in THAT?

The Perfect Wall 201 at LBM Expo

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
2:00 PM – 2:30 PM
Demo Zone #1

About LBM Expo Demo Zone #1: High-Performance Homes

If you don’t understand best practices, you can’t help your customers choose the right products.

High-performance homes are durable, efficient, comfortable and healthy. Building them requires the careful assembly of a dizzying number of products. Each of those products is a very deliberate choice made at the lumberyard. In the end, good building means good choices, both for the yard and for their customers. Join us for a series of hands-on demos and lively discussions that will help you guide your builders to best practices and drive margins for both of you.