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Water Leaks 101

Avoiding the #1 Reason for Construction Litigation.

Modern products, such as flashing tapes, make it easier than ever to stop water intrusion, but they must be installed correctly. You can help your customers avoid lawsuits and lost profits by selling them the right product for the application and making sure they have the information to install it right.

  • Flashing doors and windows
  • The importance of sill-pan flashing
  • Proper sequence and lapping
  • What the heck is kick-out flashing – this should be an easy sale if you can explain to your builder why they are a necessity

Water Leaks 101 at LBM Expo

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
2:45 PM – 3:15 PM
Demo Zone #2

About LBM Expo Demo Zone #2: No More Callbacks

Help your customers avoid their worst nightmare.
Avoiding the most common (and costly) construction mistakes should be a priority for both you and your builder customer. That often means choosing a product with a higher upfront cost, something builders may be reluctant to do. You need to help them understand that at times choosing a more expensive product may in fact save them expensive callbacks. We will show you how to do that.